Professor Nicolae Istudor PhD

Professor Mirela Stoian PhD

Associate Professor Raluca Ignat PhD

Professor Jean-Vasile Andrei PhD

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Professor Nicolae Istudor PhD is Rector of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and professor at Faculty of Agro-food and Environmental Economics. He holds bachelor degree and PhD in agricultural economics. He is member of two International Editorial Committe of scientific magazines from Serbia and one Editorial Committee from Romania.  His main area of expertise refers to rural and regional development, agricultural economics, agro-food chains, logistics of agro-food enterprisis etc. He published several of books and articles on different topics: rural and regional development, logistics of agro-food enterprises, marketing, and traceability of agro-food chains.

Associate Professor Raluca Ignat PhD is the director of Agrofood and Environmental Economics Department and member of the same director since 2007. She received the PhD degree in Economics, Agrofood Economics in 2009 from the same University, and in 2013 had the final dissertation of 28 months post-doctoral research in Environment and Quality of Life, financed by POSDRU/89/1.5/S/59184. In 2011 had a research sholarship al Univesity of Reading, Great Britain. She is author or co-author of 6 books and books chapters and more than 50 papers. She was involved as team member or  project manager in more than 17 research project, all with public, national or European financing, and World Bank grants. She is member of several professional asssociations, inluding co-founder of Centre for Regional Policies and Analysis, Romania, and Balkan Scientific Association of Agricultural Economists, Serbia. She was the economic evaluator of many project proposals within 2007-2013 Operational Programme for Fisheries competition, and other such projects with economic impact. She is member of Editorial Board of Visegrad Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development, and member of Scientific Committee of CAFEE International Conference and PEEC International Conference. She was awarded with several national and international diploma, such as Diploma of Honor of University of Rousse, Bulgaria, Diploma of Praise from Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Dr. Ignat main interest fields include sustainable development, circular economy, management and entrepreneurship in agrofood and agribusiness, evaluation of agribusiness and companies financial and non-financial analysis, resilience of entrepreneurship and business.

Professor Jean-Vasile Andrei PhD is Lecturer at Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, Department of Business Administration. He holds a PhD in Economics from the National Institute of Economics Research – Romanian Academy of Sciences. He has earned a BA degree in Administrative Sciences (2005) and in Banks and Finances (2007) from the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti. He has an MA degree in Economics, Administrative and Business Management (2007) earned at the same university. Jean Andrei is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (USA), Associate Editor of Economics of Agriculture (Ekonomika poljoprivrede) published by Institute of Agricultural Economics (Serbia), scientific reviewer for International Business Information Management Association Conferences – IBIMA. He is also member of scientific organizations: The Balkan Scientific Association of Agrarian Economists, Serbia (December 2008). Issues like business investments process, economic efficiency, agricultural and resources economics, business administration, and valuing economic and human potential are among his research and scientific interests, where he has published articles (over 20), scientific books (4), and numerous conferences presentations.